Amazon 跟卖警告信参考

To whom may be concerned,
We came across that you are selling the products under Brand [Brand]. [Brand] Trademark Registration Number: *****.
Please note that these particular items are sold exclusively by [Brand].As you may be aware, the unauthorized selling of [Brand] products is an illegal action that seriously infringes Trademark Law. As the Trademark owner we did not sell you, nor authorize you to sell, any [Brand] branded products. Also you are against Amazon’s policy.
We kindly request that you follow our instructions:
Remove your offers from all [Brand] product pages on within 12 hours, and do not list items on [Brand] product pages in the future.
If you don’t comply with these demands, we’ll have no choice but to file an official claim with the Seller Performance Department, which will seriously impact your Amazon performance.We will check the listing again.
[Brand] Copyright Team