Secret About Amazon Product Ranking and Reviews

It has always been imperative for sellers to get Amazon reviews that rank high to secure the stream of customers in the future. However, there is more to getting satisfied feedbacks from customers when looking into an effective Amazon SEO strategy. There are complications with the process of reigning supreme under your category and within your industry. Remember, Amazon is the biggest e-commerce place for retailers worldwide, and the competition is too tough for a first-timer like you.

Nonetheless, do not lose hope for there are ways of getting more than a positive Amazon product review, such as larger sales. Professionals can help you with Amazons SEO service to rank higher in search results and get greater conversions.
However, it is also crucial to understand the process itself. In such way, you can coordinate well with the team you have hired to improve your listings.



Why You Need More Sales Than Reviews

It is true that you have always been seeking for Amazon product review that you can boast about your rivals. Unfortunately, feedbacks are the not keys to getting a high product ranking. You may get Amazon reviews that are paired with almost perfect scores, but this will not result in high product ranking, keeping your items frequently view able to consumers. Your ranking is a mixture of your daily sales speed and on-page conversion rate. It may be confusing at first, but as you go through the steps of optimizing your ranking, you will understand more about the given terms.

If you need a higher rank, you need sales. However, the catch is, you need sales to rank higher. It may be entirely complicated, and should not cause you to disregard reviews. Be reminded that reviews still influence conversions. Conversions are also equivalent to higher sales.


Recap on Most Important Amazon Terms

 Before you go over the complicated part of the topic, you should be aware of the most relevant terms that will frequently be used throughout the discussion. Here are the following:


Product Reviews.
These could be represented by best Amazon reviews or even a dissatisfied customer’s feedback. An Amazon product review provides your clients a chance to comment and rate your products or clients service. These comments are often posted alongside your product for other buyers to see. This is why it is essential to get more satisfying reviews so that you can impress clients in the future. Remember, it is more appealing for customers to buy a product with high satisfaction rate.



You may have heard this term whenever you are tackling about a website’s earnings. Relatively, it refers to the action that a visitor of your page carries out. It could be registering for an account, checking out, or putting an item on his or her virtual shopping cart. Even if your customer just stopped by on your Amazon products’ page, you can already consider this as conversion.

Many people asked why you should even care for conversions since it does not represent actual sales. These serve as measurements for your marketing strategy. Conversions are indicators that someone or a client is near to buying your item. If your visitor creates a conversion, you can consider him or her lead. Afterward, this lead can turn into an added sale for your firm.

Conversions will also help you track the possible need for better Amazon optimization. You will notice that a visitor may leave your product’s page immediately because of a certain reason. This may be a poorly drafted product title or description. If you review the article entitled “Copywriting Tips to Increase Amazon Product Sales Conversions,” customers tend to find your product less attractive if it is poorly introduced. The product title itself can be a sure-fire way of either luring the visitors to buy or leave.



These are the result of your interaction with the customers. Once a client bought an item from you and transacted a payment, this is already a sale. This represents the agreement of the retailer and buyer for a good’s exchange with money.


Reality of Amazon Power in E-Commerce

There are too many factors that reflect how great Amazon is in the e-commerce world.

Do you know that the site gets the product searches on Google thrice?

Simply imagine reigning in the platform, you can see nothing but an influx of sales. Amazon became a prominent stop when looking for items to purchase, comparing products, and searching for reliable retailers.


Moreover, search relevancy on Amazon is affected by a lot of factors. These elements include availability, price, multiple variations of your product, and sales. Even the parts of your product’s description page play a crucial role in dominating your industry on Amazon. Your item’s title has high search relevance, and this is paired with critical conversion rate. As for the search terms for your product, there is high search relevance and no conversion rate.


You may have also disregarded the value of your product images, but it is necessary. It has a high search relevance and critical conversion rate as well. Understand that customers prefer high-quality pictures for your item’s details. Have you wondered why the trend of using a one-angle image to multiple shots became popular? This is due to the customers’ suggestion of getting a grasp of your product’s aesthetics better.


Amazon’s Well Kept A9 Algorithm

Many are not aware what A9 algorithm is all about. This is the personalized solution for the e-commerce site to generate product search listings. The company who took over the creation of these algorithms is A9, whose team is situated in Palo Alto. The A9 algorithm is responsible for telling the e-commerce site how to group and load the items’ lists according to customer’s preferences (i.e. search queries).

It is hard for an average or non-IT person to understand how the code works. However, it can be explained as a system in the hierarchy. It sorts based on categories, performance, and sales. The behavior of the algorithm is advanced given it generates results depending on the visitor’s behavior when browsing over the platform’s pages. It somehow learns more about what you need, which you can prove by checking out the search suggestions it gives.


What Can You Do to Increase Product Ranking on Amazon?

It is easy to rely on professionals to do the challenging work of increasing your product’s ranking on Amazon. However, experts prefer that you are aware of SEO Amazon, so the transparency of their services is present. At least, you will have an idea of what is going on. There are cases customers look for instant results without considering the process.

To understand how an Amazon Keyword Ranking Top Seller Secret Strategies , here are the techniques involved:



Improve Your SEO.

SEO Amazon has always been crucial in creating your product listing. Google is not the only platform that looks into the keywords you used on your textual drafts on a website. Instead, there is also an Amazon keyword ranking feature, which is well represented by its keyword stuffing choice for the item’s title. Relatively, you have limited 500 characters for a product name, which gives you the power to add as many keywords as possible to make your item searchable. The e-commerce platform advises that you add the color, size, make, and quantity of your product on its title.

This is understandable since customers tend to prevent reading the entire excerpt of your product unless he or she is already interested in it. Amazon Keyword Tool is one of the best offers from the site, giving you an opportunity to find long tail keywords best for optimization.

Keywords will always be on the scene in terms of optimizing your Amazon Listing. To make this straightforward for you, keywords and your product’s name must be combined naturally. A valid title will always encourage your buyers to click your product. While posting your product, you have to put in the search terms related to it. Avoid using commas.

It is useful to utilize the fill-in search drop down from the e-commerce platform, but it is also wise to try out other keyword planners. Professionals will never put the burden to you regarding keyword research. They may even run a PPC Campaign to help you find the keywords with a high volume of searches.


Incorporate Effective Pricing Strategies.

It is apparent that you can stay competitive not only through accomplishing the previous methods but also in implementing effective pricing strategies. It is true that most of the sellers on Amazon report a profit margin of just over 20 percent. However, it will always be a place if you are serious about getting higher sales. Take note that Amazon has consistently surpassed its rivals, and will likely reign in the long run. Simply imagine why it still continues to grow despite the bad reviews around.

Pricing strategies include increasing your product’s value without compromising your customer base. There are ways of charging more while increasing your sales. One method is to price against your competitors instead of the entire industry.


Get More Reviews.

Although sales are superior to getting a higher rank on Amazon, reviews will still matter. This has repeatedly been mentioned for you still have to give customers’ feedbacks importance. However, you should know that these reviews pertain to the experience of your buyers in using your item. It is not the seller’s performance. The more positive reviews there are on your item, you will have more edge to increase its rankings.

Apparently, buyers view a product whenever it has more positive reviews. Just put yourself in the visitor’s shoes. Which of the products will you click first, the one with over 100 positive reviews or another with five positive reviews only? It is evident that you will select the former since it guarantees that many have found the product reliable.

The more clicks you get from buyers, you can forecast increased orders and sales. As discussed, with higher sales, you will get a higher ranking. It will somehow take place as a cycle. When you get more reviews, higher rankings will follow, then buyers will click, more orders will come, and then sales will increase, and the cycle will repeat. This is where the confusion at the first part of the topic is clarified.


Make Your Products Amazon Prime.

Have you noticed products with tag “Prime”? This implies that the items are sold using the fulfillment method of Amazon. You will find Prime products outperforming merchant fulfilled items. There are a few instances that you will encounter the contrary. For example, you will find Prime products being outpaced by incredibly cheap products.

Also, there are high-performing items that are not necessarily Prime but top the search results due to its tons of positive reviews. You can anticipate a product with over 500 product reviews and considerably high ratings to be placed on top.

Given you have found out the secret to a higher Amazon product ranking and reviews, you will not understand the essence of professional assistance in competing with the tough e-commerce industry. You are also free to get expert assistance since having basic knowledge of the procedure will help you coordinate well with the team. To begin plotting out the plan in increasing your product’s ranking, ask for assistance from experienced Amazon SEO team by HireForseo.








公司卖家“Company Seller”所需材料

1) 公司法人身份证

a. 身份证上的姓名必须与营业执照上法人的姓名一致

b. 必须由中国大陆,香港,台湾出具

c. 请提供正反两面的彩色照片/扫描件,不接受黑白复印件。

d. 图片必须清晰可读

e. 身份证应在有效期内

2) 营业执照

a. 必须由中国大陆,香港,台湾出具

  1. 中国大陆:营业执照
  2. 中国香港:公司注册证明书和商业登记条例
  3. 中国台湾:有限公司设立登记表/股份有限公司设立登记表/有限公司变更登记表/股份有限公司变更登记表

b. 请提供彩色照片/扫描件,不接受黑白复印件,图片必须清晰可读

c. 中国大陆营业执照距离过期日期应超过60天,香港商业登记条例距离过期日期应超过45天

d. 营业执照上的地址必须与您在卖家平台填写的办公地址“business address”一致


  1. 如果您是中国大陆公司卖家,银行对账单上传区域不做强制性要求,您可选择上传或放置空白文档。
  2. 如果您有多个副本,请将它们合并到一个文件中进行上传。
  3. 我们不接受邮件方式发送文件,请由提供的链接上传信息。
  4. 如果您是香港公司卖家,您需要再提交一份证明文件表明此董事为贵司的实际董事。您可将此证明文件同您的身份证一起提交。
  • 只限于香港卖家商业登记证的法律地位是公司:

请到 (路径:选择无账户使用者登陆–查阅–公司资料–联线阅览) 查验贵司董事姓名,并且进行在线截屏,需含完整内容和网址链接。(注:在此网站查验贵司董事姓名需付费)

  • 只限于香港卖家商业登记证的法律地位是个人:






Update your amazon account information: Bank account information

Bank account information

To receive payments, you must specify a bank account. We cannot transfer funds to a credit card or online payment system, such as PayPal. To make payments, you can use a credit card, but you must provide a bank account for deposits.

The following also applies:

Amazon pays sales proceeds to your bank account by electronic transfer.

Note: There is a mandatory 3-day security hold before any changes to bank account information can take effect. Transfers of funds cannot be initiated until after the hold period, which begins on the date you provide your bank account information.
Update bank account information

This is taking longer than expected. Please try again later or contact us.

Add your bank account information

To add your bank account information, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings, and then click Account Info.
  2. On the Seller Account Information page, under Payment Information, click Deposit Methods.
  3. Next to Deposit Method, on the right side of the page, click Edit.
  4. Next to the appropriate marketplace, click Edit.
  5. Click Use a new bank account.
  6. Using the drop-down list, select your Bank Location Country.
  7. Enter the information requested in Where You Will Be Paid.Contact your bank directly if you have any questions about bank account requirements for each country.
  8. If you selected a country with a currency other than the marketplace you are selling in, go to Currency Conversion Payment Agreement, click Agreement, and read the agreement.
  9. Check the Currency Conversion Payment Agreement box to accept the terms of the agreement. Learn more about Amazon Currency Converter.
  10. Click Submit.

If you have any difficulty submitting your bank account information, see Why was my bank account information rejected?

Note: To edit existing bank account details, add a new account with the updated information, and then delete the old account.

Delete a bank account

You can delete a bank account from your seller account as long as it is not currently selected as your deposit method. If a bank account is also your deposit account, you must add a new deposit account before deleting a bank account. See Add your bank account information above.

To delete a bank account from your seller account, complete the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings, and then click Account Info.
  2. On the Seller Account Information page, under Payment Information, click Deposit Methods.
  3. Next to Deposit Method, on the right side of the page, click Edit.
  4. Next to the appropriate marketplace, click Edit.
  5. Select the bank account to delete, and then click Delete.
  6. Click Submit.

亚马逊上如何利用买家 Profile ID 找到被留差评 Review 的 Order ID

把留 Review 的 ID 找出来,然后在 Google 浏览器打开账号,用你的 ASIN ,把订单都罗列出来,时间长点,点右键,审查元素,按 CTRL + F 查找,把 ID 输进去,有黄色跳出来的就是相关 Order ID,复制 Order ID 在后台订单管理中查找并联系买家沟通是否愿意修改或删除产品 Review 。

AMZTracker 中文操作指南

AMZTracker 中文操作指南,详细步骤如下:

那么首先,AMZTracker 是个什么软件呢?

AMZTracker 是目前全球市场占有率最高的亚马逊卖家营销服务软件,由原美国资深亚马逊卖家和顶级技术团队共同研发,据我所知,现在的几个大的跨境电商巨头例如有棵树,傲基,泽宝都有在使用 AMZTracker。

AMZTracker 的基础六大功能:

Promotions               产品促销 — 获取持续且稳定的销售订单 ( 操作指导 )

这是我今天 (2017年三月份)截取的Vipon的流量统计表:


Rankings                     产品关键词搜索排名 — 营销效果反馈 ( 操作指导

Sales Tracking       竞争对手销售追踪 — 营销和配货计划制定 ( 操作指导

Negative Reviews     中差评提示 — 多站点多店铺中差评管理 ( 操作指导

On Page Analyzer 页面分析器 — 多维度系统优化产品Listing ( 操作指导

Keyword Research  关键词搜索 — 种子关键词衍生长尾关键词 ( 操作指导

不过后来,AMZTracker 又推出了一些新的功能,在我看来,这是适应 Amazon 不断出新政策的有效应对方法:

Vipon         红人营销 — 30万流量每天海外社交营销红人社区( 操作指导

Rocket Reply          订单自动跟进 — 提升留评率和减少差评 ( 操作指导

Unicorn Smasher   市场调研 — 市场需求及竞争情况分析( 操作指导

Deep Words          关键词规划 — 谷歌及亚马逊搜索大数据( 操作指导

Merchantmetrics    数据分析 — 店铺精细化运营必备( 操作指导

总共十一个功能,我每一个都分别做了详细的中文操作指南,每一步的流程可以说相当规范和仔细了,大家只要按照每一个功能里面的说明来认真操作,我相信 AMZTracker,这款市场占有率最高的亚马逊卖家营销服务软件,一定会给您的 Amazon 店铺带来不一样的改观,祝大家 Listing 销量节节高,每天 Review 像洪水一样涌来。

Amazon About Comments, Feedback, & Ratings

After you’ve ordered from a third-party seller, you can leave comments, feedback, and ratings to let other customers know about your experience. You have 90 days from the date of your order to leave your rating and comments.

Comments you leave about a third-party seller should be focused on your buying experience:

  • How satisfied were you with how your order was packaged and shipped? (for products)
  • How was the work quality and professionalism of the provider? (for services)
  • Did you get good customer service and prompt resolution? (if applicable)
  • Would you buy from this third-party seller again?
  • What could have been improved about your experience?

The third-party seller rating system is 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars being the best. A third-party seller’s average rating will appear alongside their name on our site. Before you leave a critical rating, make sure that you’ve given the third-party seller every chance to resolve the issue first.

Amazon reserves the right to remove feedback that isn’t directly related to the buying experience or violates one of our guidelines. If your comments include any of the following, your feedback is subject to removal:

  • Promotional content: This includes anything of a promotional nature such as comments about or links to other merchants or websites.
  • Obscene or abusive language: Please use helpful and appropriate language when participating in the Amazon Community.
  • Personal information: You shouldn’t include information that identifies other visitors.
  • Product reviews: It’s more appropriate to review product on the product detail page.Note: For more information about leaving product reviews, go to Customer Reviews.

Amazon’s Top Customer Reviewers


为了保证亚马逊对顾客的服务质量,亚马逊官方规定了卖家在添加以下分类的产品时必须经过亚马逊官方的允许。这就是一般我们所说的 Categories Requiring Approval 也就是分类审核。
Automotive Parts / Motorcycle & ATV
Clothing, Accessories & Luggage
Collectible Books
Industrial & Scientific
Sports Collectibles
Toys & Games (holiday approval only)


Camera & Photo
Toys & Games (additional holiday approval may  apply)
Video Games

如果你要在亚马逊需要审核的目录下卖产品,那么可以直接通过以下链接链接亚马逊,提交你的申请:ContactAmazon for approval

值得注意的是,在你提交审核前需要知悉:1. 手头上需要准备好之后用来添加产品的UPC或者EAN条码2. 以下分类的二手产品不得出售:

Clothing, Accessories & Luggage
Toys & Games

3. 产品图片必须是白色背景,提交审核的表格最好能提供公司网站的地址。

允许500像素,最长边的首选; 2100像素

所有注册用户在 上 listing 他们的商品时可能需要创建新产品。卖家的不断的提供多种类以及有深度的产品给卖家的贡献不可忽视.我们也需要不断的寻求网站上的产品数量的扩大和产品种类的增多.然后新卖家可能不会使用列表中的产品分类列表里某一特定分类.除此之外,特定类型的商品也有可能在亚马逊上无法出售。
分类审核的标准和特别分类的审核,请访问categories Requiring Approval页面.

1.       汽车配件/摩托车& ATV
2.       服装、饰品和行李
3.       收藏书籍
4.       娱乐收藏品
5.       工业和科学
6.       珠宝
7.       鞋类
8.       体育收藏品
9.       玩具和游戏(仅假期内审核)
10.     手表类
1.       相机和照片
2.       电子类
3.       软件
4.       玩具和游戏(假期内可能会审核)
5.       视频游戏
1.       UPC或者EAN是在重要分类下销售产品必须要使用的。
2.       旧商品无法在以下分类销售
a)       Beauty
b)       Clothing, Accessories & Luggage
c)        Jewelry
d)        Shoes
e)        Toys & Games
f)         Watches
3.      为了保持一致性,所有亚马逊的页面上产品都需要使用白色背景的图片。当你提交审核请求后,你甚至可能需要提供的产品图片或者你的产品在网站上的链接地址给亚马逊。

其他所有的类别主要用于收藏物品例如银币,邮票或者其他不符合现在产品类别里. 如果该产品已经有合适的分类,请不要把所有产品都放在其他分类下进行审核
1.       取消 listing
2.       限制 listing 权限
3.       暂停 listing
4.       取消产品销售权

Amazon 跟卖警告信参考

To whom may be concerned,
We came across that you are selling the products under Brand [Brand]. [Brand] Trademark Registration Number: *****.
Please note that these particular items are sold exclusively by [Brand].As you may be aware, the unauthorized selling of [Brand] products is an illegal action that seriously infringes Trademark Law. As the Trademark owner we did not sell you, nor authorize you to sell, any [Brand] branded products. Also you are against Amazon’s policy.
We kindly request that you follow our instructions:
Remove your offers from all [Brand] product pages on within 12 hours, and do not list items on [Brand] product pages in the future.
If you don’t comply with these demands, we’ll have no choice but to file an official claim with the Seller Performance Department, which will seriously impact your Amazon performance.We will check the listing again.
[Brand] Copyright Team


目前关于购买的 UPC 每个都带有证书一说,经我们咨询美国统一编码委员会回答是:拥有资质的公司申请后会颁发一个证书,并且给予一个厂家识别代码,厂家通过自己的识别代码来组成有限的条码,并且条码在一定意义上只能用于本公司产品的发布,介于亚马逊平台个人发布产品可以从厂家或是已经有申请了 UPC 的公司购买获得。但是不存在每个 UPC 都有一个证书的情况。
值得注意的一点是: 亚马逊官方的解释是默认了第三方卖家如果是没有资格申请或是取得 UPC 的情况下是可以从厂家或是通过有主体资质的公司购买。拥有UPC条码的公司主体都需经过美国统一代码委员会注册登记,在一个冗长的申请时间后 才能申请到一批 UPC。当获得 UPC 后,该公司的所有的所有 UPC 都可以在美国统一代码委员会其官方站点查询获得注册公司主体资料与说明。
我们注意到个别在国内出售 UPC 的淘宝卖家都将生成器所生的条码按正规或是 PS 证书后卖给第三方卖家,以下是市面上部分证书与官网查询比对的资料。证书来自于一家叫
BARCODETALK 的网站,并且一直宣称自己是 UPC 销售的官方网站,而且个别不明真相的亚马逊业务经理还在极力推荐他们的产品。
以下是 BARCODETALK 的其中一个 UPC,我们以这个他们销售的作为查询实例,当然你也可以把购买来的任何UPC拿来查证。

这张是 barcodetalk 提供的证书,一般你从他网站上买了UPC 他会给你这个证书,你通过淘宝其他很多店铺买,通常也会给你类似的 名字都是 barcodetalk 的所谓的证书,图上红色方框注明了该证书所属公司名称。
下面是通过美国统一代码委员会( 官方查询的结果图)用购买到他的 UPC 在官方查询的结果 – 红色框内显示是官方认定的所属公司名称里我们对这个UPC查询后取得的比对结果。

如果你查询出来的公司名字与证书所属的不是一致的,亚马逊是不认可你这个 UPC 的。
在一定意义上就是认定你是假冒的 UPC。无论你提交几次这样的证书他都不会帮到你,你提交的证书其实也是供应商 PS 一个水印 LOGO 上去的假冒证书。

1. 正规的条码都可以在:美国统一代码委员会网站查询到结果
2. 正规的条码都是公司主体通过申请获得,并且政府机构给予以一个条码范围段 一个授权证书,绝对不存在给与申请人权限发放证书资格,没有一个条码一个证书的说法。
3. 如果你买到 A 公司的条码,通过 GS1 查询结果显示所属公司是 B 或是其他公司,那么你亚马逊上的投诉是不会做效的,亚马逊会认为你不是 UPC 所属人,亚马逊要求官方查询结果的公司名字需要与你证书上的一一对应。
目前 UPC 销售市场 有人直接卖生成的 UPC,有人把生成的当真的来卖,有人通过 BARCODETALK 进货,自欺欺人的在卖还有人 PS 证书,让每个 UPC 看起来都合法正规。 我们只是教你方法来甄别,买谁家还是要卖家自己有个识别。